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Change from the inside out through our weight loss clinic right here in Walnut Creek. Apex Advanced Medicine offers their dietWELL program that will transform not only your body but also your daily choices to build a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Our Weight Loss Clinic is Serving Walnut Creek & The San Francisco Bay Area

What Is dietWELL?

Effective Weight Loss


What Can You Expect from Our Diet Program?

Our sole aim at Apex weight loss clinic here in Walnut Creek is to transform your metabolism and stimulate fat burning. Our healthy diet program will give your body targeted nutrition and support for both weight loss and an increase in overall health. Apex does this by sourcing, generating, and providing outstanding products, diet planning, strategies, direction, and information that move you toward your health goals and keep you there. We are not responsible for you but become responsible to you when you are a dietWELLer. We want nothing more than for you to achieve your weight loss goals but you have to want to lose weight more than how much we want it for you.

Permanent Weight Loss Does Not Happen if You Don’t Heal the Underlying Cause of the Weight Gain

Our “dietWELL” healthy diet planning is founded on the concept that being overweight is a symptom of an underlying dysfunction in the body. You’ve been told that weight loss is merely a calorie balancing act. You need to know this is not true.

There’s Typically a Laundry List of Damage Left Behind From Dieting

You lose 20 lbs. on this or that diet, only to gain it back and then some, shifting your body into a fat-storing machine. If this is your first time wanting to lose weight we will keep you from being another dieting statistic -of the millions of people who diet each year it is estimated that only about 5% keep the weight off, for the rest…well, you know the story.

“Every aspect of dietWELL has been designed so that you can lose weight quickly and get healthy along the way, heal from the lingering damage from your past diets, lay your dieting history to rest once and for all, and keep the fat you lose off.”

The Components of Our Diet Program


Welcome to a community that wants to change the health of the nation one pound at a time. dietWELL is focused on results and creating a new lifestyle. The components of the dietWELL program are modeled after clinical and research studies that have outcomes of not only fat loss but also lean body mass gains.


Whether you need to lose 10 lbs. or 200 lbs., dietWELL is right for you. As your body makes transitions towards optimal health you will inevitably have different needs. dietWELL changes with your changing needs in an easy to follow and systematic approach.

Intake & Body Composition Testing

You need a clear picture of what’s going on with your body in order to change it. Our goal at dietWELL is to help you lose body fat, keep you optimally hydrated and to not compromise lean body mass. Let’s say that a person loses 30 lbs. during the course of a diet program. Does that person know if they lost 30 lbs. of body fat alone? It’s impossible to say if you’re just hopping on a scale. With the majority of diets, weight loss is almost always a combination of water loss, fat loss and muscle loss. In order to track this we use a fast, accurate, safe and comfortable physician grade Bio-Impedance body composition analysis system. This will allow you to know the precise make-up of your body composition and will be used to set your own specific weight loss goals. Ongoing body composition tests are performed to track results.

Fat Burning

In order to lose body fat you need to allow your body to start consistently burning fat as your energy source. We have turned ourselves into sugar burners (vs. fat burners)- needing to eat every 2-3 hours because our bodies have become adapted to the constant barrage of sugar/carbs in their many forms. We have lost our ability to tap into our fat stores for energy. A huge hormonal shift must happen to move from sugar burning to fat burning mode. Easier said than done. The ultimate goal of dietWELL is to turn you into a fat burner so that your body can tap into your fat stores for energy and therefore cause your body to shed excess weight. And that’s when many stubborn weight plateaus are overcome.

The Daily AM Vital Meal Shake

Start your day off with a creamy, fast, convenient, nutritious protein shake. Make VitalMeal a part of your daily routine as you transform toward a healthier, leaner, more energized you! For less than the price of a Grande Latte you’ll receive a delicious all-in-one meal alternative. VitalMeal is a dairy-free, grain-free Paleo protein source that will boost weight loss, burn fat and build lean, powerful muscle. It contains all the amazing skin pampering goodness and other health benefits of bone broth, without the hassle, in a delicious-tasting creamy vanilla formula. VitalMeal alone will be one of the top needle movers for you that will provide fast, lasting fat loss and will also act as your ‘insurance policy’ to help you keep all of your hard work in place.

Eating Program

The goal with our eating program is threefold: 1. It’s easy to follow and understand. Everything involved with what, when, why and how much to eat is laid out for you. 2. You lose unwanted body fat and build lean body mass-ultimately creating optimal health. 3. It’s so varied, delicious, nutritious and vast that you will want to follow our program even after you have met your weight loss goals.

Hydration Priority

Your body works best when flush with water- in fact the average adult human body is 60% water. We do not consider it a win if you shrivel up and exchange hydration for a pound less on the scale.

Support and Coaching

Our team is here to support you every step of the way. You will look forward to your check-in meetings with your coach as they are information packed and will give you the boost you need to continue to achieve your goals day after day. If that isn’t enough, dietWELLers have access to a private community group as well as tips and tools that support you every step of the way.


Restful sleep, stress management, as well as enjoyable movement and exercise are all pivotal to achieve the results you need and want. You will be shown how to put your attention on these areas so that nothing holds you back from your goals.

Nutritional Supplements

REMEDY FORMULAS® natural supplements are used to restore your body’s ability to burn its own fat as fuel and to not store fat once it’s gone. Stop wasting money on supplements your body doesn’t need or utilize. You’ll know almost immediately that you’re getting the nutrition that your body requires because you’ll feel so amazing. All supplements that the program provides are proprietary products that are not available in conventional stores. These are of the highest quality, purity, consistency and potency. You will receive all the specifics of taking your supplements…how much? when? with or without food? Every supplement that you are taking has dosage and other info accompanying it. Very convenient dispensing methods to accommodate busy and on-the-go lifestyles are also provided.

Ongoing Wellness

Integrate dietWELL strategies into your day-to-day life- at home, at work, on vacations and create a maintenance plan that is based on having more life in your life, but with a lot less LBs!

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