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Maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to become a client of Apex Advanced Medicine? Curious about our patient’s experiences and why they chose Apex Advanced Medicine? Hear it from them.

Functional Medicine Solutions to Health Recovery

Excellent facility with extremely knowledgeable staff. The Apex Team has helped me learn how to take care of my health, lose weight and reduce my dangerous inner inflammation. I’ve tried for literally years to reduce my inflammation and now I finally have been taught how to do it. My Primary Doctor is very impressed with the improvements I’ve made in my health a relatively short period under their guidance. I’m very grateful I was recommended to this facility. read more

Jen helped me immensely with a number of issues that I was having, including blood sugar imbalances, fatigue, low thyroid function, and allergies. After reviewing my lab work, Jen was able to recommend some key supplements that quickly helped me to feel so much better. She also made some dietary recommendations that were easy to follow – not overwhelming at all. I was amazed by her expertise, and how thorough her plan was, without it feeling overwhelming. She also has such a kind, thoughtful, genuine disposition. I highly recommend Apex Advanced Medicine to anyone wanting to understand the root cause of their issues, and find a program that will get the results they’re looking for. read more

Non-Surgical Joint Healing With Regenerative Orthopedics

The staff are medical professionals who are very caring and well knowledgeable about the body. They take the time to explain things so that one can connect the dots, they will answer questions and address concerns. So glad I chose this option vs knee surgery. read more

The folks at Apex Advanced Medicine are absolutely fabulous. They each have a true passion for health and getting you and your health back on track. Within the first 2 days of starting the Repair phase of my program I instantly felt better than I have in years. I wake up feeling refreshed and excited about this process. Apex gets 5 stars from me. If you are considering functional medicine this is the place to go to! read more

Sexual Wellness

Treating Pain / Inflammation / Neuropathy

Reversing Diabetes and Reducing Medications


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