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Through functional medicine we can uncover the root cause of your health issues and unlock your ability to heal. APEX functional medicine programs give you a personalized belly-bloat busting, brain-fog lifting, autoimmune reversing, fatigue fighting, hormone cray-cray crushing, blood sugar normalizing, inflammation quenching, skin sensationalizing solution to help you achieve the best version of your health.

APEX Offers Functional Medicine in Walnut Creek and the San Francisco Bay Area

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Functional Medicine walnut creek
Functional Medicine walnut creek
Functional Medicine walnut creek

About Functional Medicine

Through functional medicine, our practitioners at our practice get to the bottom of things specific to your physiology. We use your story, your instincts, your health history, and your data to construct the most complete picture of your health. From this, we will provide a personalized plan for you to follow in order to achieve the best version of your health possible.

Do you feel like somethings off? Are you visiting your doctor hoping to find a resolution to things but only to be told that everything is absolutely fine? Or do you have a diagnosis, but the attention is only given to managing your symptoms with one medication after another? Or do you have symptoms that no one can explain? And is all of this occurring despite visiting one specialist after another?  If you answered yes to any of the above, then functional medicine may be for you and it’s time to give us a call at 925.239.8904 to schedule a FREE consultation.

When To Know That It’s Time to Work With Us?

  • Trying to feel good and healthy is like a full-time job.
  • Even though you’ve been told you’re fine and everything is normal, you don’t feel anything close to fine.
  • You can’t do the things that are healthy for you even when you try…you do your best to sleep 8 hours a night but wake up in the middle of the night…you’d exercise if it didn’t make you feel worse..and eating well is a challenge because you’re confused on what YOU should eat.
  • You know as much about your condition as most doctors.
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the info that’s out there, and most of it’s conflicting.
living healthy through functional medicine walnut creek

Through cutting-edge functional diagnostic testing and tuning into you and your story, our team of functional medicine experts address whole body balance. Apex’s functional medicine services are about finding the blind spots and missing links in your health so you can get back to your thriving life as quickly as possible.
We do whatever it takes to get you the results you want and deserve with our client first mentality, whereby we prioritize support, accountability, and results.
Our creative and intuitive, yet wise, approach is a product of helping thousands of people, just like you, heal, manage and reverse chronic health challenges.  

Our menu of test options give you a 360 degree look at hormones, digestive function, heart health, metabolism and energy, nutrient levels, amongst others.



    • Comprehensive blood testing 
    • Microbiome testing including parasites, candida and bacteria balance
    • SIBO
    • Intestinal Hyper-permeability (Leaky gut)
    • Cardio Metabolic Health
    • Genetics
    • Thyroid Hormone Panel
    • Gluten sensitivity/Celiac Disease
    • Comprehensive digestive analysis
    • Comprehensive sex hormone profiles
    • Adrenal gland function
    • Obesity biomarkers
    • Inflammatory markers
    • Neurotransmitter testing (mood disorders)
    • Environmental toxicity testing (heavy metals, PCB’s, volatile solvents)
    • Organic acids (cellular metabolic efficiency)
    • Micronutrient testing
    • Food Allergies 


Conditions & Symptoms We Support

through functional medicine we are able to support multiple conditions and symptoms. Below are a few of those health conditions.

Autoimmune disease

Digestive Issues

Hormonal issues

Energy Issues

Thyroid conditions

Skin issues

Weight Management


Inflammation Issues

Watch Some of Our Patient Testimonials

Virtual Functional Medicine for the Bay Area & Beyond

We understand the difficulties of taking time off work and driving to an appointment. In addition, due to health concerns, handling appointments online can be a much better option for some. That’s why we’ve made sure to offer virtual functional medicine in the bay area.

What does that look like?


Time is precious…

Forget about taking the day off to visit your doctor or the panic in trying to find a trusted provider closer by.  Our Virtual Zoom platform brings us to you, allowing all of our appointments to be done over your computer.  This translates to fitting in your appointments with us with total ease.  And best of all it is very easy (just click on the link we send you) and you’re all set. And you can use the recording feature in order to listen later.


Patient portal access to your labs and records

We want you to have 24/7 access to your labs and records. What that means is that you can communicate secure messages to us, request appointments, or transfer anything directly out of your chart to another provider. You will also use the portal to retrieve invoices to submit to insurance and update any billing information.


It takes a village...

So the saying goes and supporting you in your health journey is no different. We’ve carefully curated an experience that offers you multiple levels of care and access. We will all be invested in getting to know you and understanding all the details of your health in order to create a more well rounded, dynamic approach for helping you to achieve your goals.


We believe it’s not enough to get well…

What matters even more, possibly, is staying well. We continuously put together all that we know, from where and how to shop, what goes into the perfect smoothie, to what supplements to avoid, and when and how you should detox.

Watch Dr. Mark Hyman, IFM Chairman, describe how functional medicine differs from conventional medicine:
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