IV Therapy

Come visit the Apex Advanced Medicine Remedy Room in Walnut Creek and get straight to the source with IV Therapy, including vitamin drips and nutrient cocktails. People choose IV Therapy because crucial nutrients and vitamins are infused into the bloodstream with a much quicker absorption rate than traditional oral supplements, rapidly correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


What is I.V. Therapy?

Our Walnut Creek IV Therapy uses energizing, tailored vitamin drips and nutrient cocktails in an IV bag to boost your system. Preventative, enhancing, and restorative.

Convenient and versatile IV Therapy is turning healthcare on its head as it rolls out technologically advanced treatment options that make an ordinary trip to the doctor into “old school”.


I.V. Therapy Restores Function to the Body

Outpatient IV Therapy treatments are in high demand in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, and the Bay Area as patients experience the advantages of Apex’s tailored nutrient “cocktail” that replenishes and restores depleted nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and any other deficiencies.