Watch Those Grains and Fruits


Watch Those Grains and Fruits

Watch Those Grains and Fruits

Eating less fruits and no grains can be a fast track to reversing diabetes, losing weight and pushing back on auto-immune diseases.  Can everything be consumed in moderation?  Well that depends on where you are in your health journey.  One of the biggest reasons your blood sugar is still high or you’re not losing the weight you want or your chronic aches and pains aren’t subsiding, even though you have been on the program for some time, is that you are consuming some type of sugar, even “natural sugar”.  The two primary culprits are usually grains and fruits.

Many patients do not recognize that eating even moderate amounts of fruits can absolutely raise your blood sugar to elevated levels even though fruit is an all-natural “health food”.  Here is an example: a patient came in last week and notified me that his blood sugar level had hardly decreased and he had no idea why. The patient was surprised and very concerned and felt he had followed the program to the “T”.  Before diving any deeper into something we may have missed in his laboratory testing I began to question him and found out that he was eating large amounts of fruit all throughout the day -every single day. The patient told me he normally ate two bananas, one to two oranges, a couple cups of grapes, a Fuji apple and anything else that might be in season.  And he was mostly eating them by themselves unaccompanied by a protein source.  We pulled out a copy of the fructose chart and reviewed how much fructose he was consuming. (You do the math on how much he was eating.)  I began to explain that fruits are a wonderful alternative to ‘junk food’ snacking and contain a myriad of health benefits, BUT still contain sugar that can absolutely raise your blood sugar. I asked the patient to cut his consumption of fruits to an equivalent of 10g of fructose daily and he will see a dramatic improvement in his blood sugar levels.

Another way to raise your blood sugar is the consumption of grains -even “whole” grains.  Grains come in many forms but regardless of its form, all will raise your blood sugar.  Two slices of bread is the equivalent of two tablespoons of white sugar.  Hard to believe?  Try this little experiment.  Rip off a small slice of your favorite bread, stick it in your mouth and suck on it for a couple minutes and in a short amount of time it will start to taste very sweet.  The sugar content in grains is not the only thing in your way of wonderful labs and a healthy future.  Many folks absolutely must be wary of grains’ effects upon their immune system if they have an auto-immune condition as well, even a bite can create a flare-up.  So be careful on your consumption of fruits and grains, both can be nutritious but be wary if you have diabetes, want to lose weight or have an auto-immune condition.


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