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Maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to become a client of Apex Advanced Medicine? Curious about our patient’s experiences and why they chose Apex Advanced Medicine? Hear it from them.

Excellent facility with extremely knowledgeable staff. The Apex Team has helped me learn how to take care of my health, lose weight and reduce my dangerous inner inflammation. I’ve tried for literally years to reduce my inflammation and now I finally have been taught how to do it. My Primary Doctor is very impressed with the improvements I’ve made in my health a relatively short period under their guidance. I’m very grateful I was recommended to this facility.

Jen helped me immensely with a number of issues that I was having, including blood sugar imbalances, fatigue, low thyroid function, and allergies. After reviewing my lab work, Jen was able to recommend some key supplements that quickly helped me to feel so much better. She also made some dietary recommendations that were easy to follow – not overwhelming at all. I was amazed by her expertise, and how thorough her plan was, without it feeling overwhelming. She also has such a kind, thoughtful, genuine disposition. I highly recommend Apex Advanced Medicine to anyone wanting to understand the root cause of their issues, and find a program that will get the results they’re looking for.

The staff are medical professionals who are very caring and well knowledgeable about the body. They take the time to explain things so that one can connect the dots, they will answer questions and address concerns. So glad I chose this option vs knee surgery.

The folks at Apex Advanced Medicine are absolutely fabulous. They each have a true passion for health and getting you and your health back on track. Within the first 2 days of starting the Repair phase of my program I instantly felt better than I have in years. I wake up feeling refreshed and excited about this process. Apex gets 5 stars from me. If you are considering functional medicine this is the place to go to!

I started working with Apex Advanced Medicine to help with my hormone imbalances , a propensity towards low blood sugar and sinus inflammation issues that I just couldn’t get rid of. Once I started talking with Jen during our first meeting I also realized that I had been dealing with digestion issues that I had put aside as being nothing to be concerned about. After doing a couple of lab tests, and getting a plan on how to support all of the above in place, I was feeling better within a few weeks. Now I know how much of how I was feeling was tied to eating what I thought was healthy for me. I thought I was healthy, and everyone I know thought I was healthy. But, my labs did not show this. All I needed was to be told what MY BODY needed and what MY BODY needed to stay away from. The level of support, education, time, research and care that went into supporting me was like nothing I had ever in my life experienced. I have referred Jen and Apex to my family and friends with so much confidence and wish that healthcare everywhere would support people like I’ve been supported. Thank you.

I highly recommend Apex Advanced Medicine to anyone trying to lower their blood sugar levels. For the past several month I have been working with Jennifer Meredith at Apex Advanced Medicine and have gotten the results I was looking for. Apex designed an individualized protocol for me consisting of reasonable diet changes and use of supplements. By following that protocol, my blood sugar levels have dropped from pre-diabetic back into the normal range. The hot flashes and night sweats that were part of my life for over twenty years are gone. I feel better and have lost some weight in the process. Thank you Apex Advanced Medicine!!

I came to Apex Functional Medicine one year ago after suffering a complete metabolic collapse. I have been afflicted with multiple chronic autoimmune diseases for the past 30 years and up until that point had managed fairly well with my traditional medicine team and my own research. As an avid cyclist and swimmer I was used to oftentimes pushing through symptoms just to continue my training schedules. In Spring of 2019 there were many signs that my body chemistry was completely out of whack but none of my doctors were looking at the complete picture. They just kept adjusting my meds and having me wait 3 months before checking on it’s effectiveness. By fall of 2019 I hit rock bottom and could barely function physically, mentally and emotionally. I knew at this point that I needed an advocate to help guide me out of this dark hole. I signed up with Jen at Apex Functional Medicine and began my journey to wellness.

Through the extensive lab work we were able to identify numerous deficiencies in my energy and metabolic systems as well as gut problems. Many were markers that my traditional medicine practitioners never looked at. All were addressed through the changes in diet, addition of supplements as well as suggested adjustments to my meds. Jen helped me to communicate my needs with my traditional medicine team, always in a respectful way, to ensure that we were all working together to help me get back on my feet.

Throughout the year I had several set-backs and frustrations unrelated to my autoimmune diseases. Jen never faltered in her steady support, encouraging me and a few times getting tough with me to get me out of a “self-pity party” (which I needed to hear!).

Things really began to improve about 3 months ago and then several weeks ago I noticed a significant increase in strength, endurance and best of all what I can only describe as a new sense of overall “well-being” that I haven’t felt in over a year. I can honestly say that Jen saved my life and helped to bring me back to a quality of life that I cherish. I am back to all my activities, motivated to complete tasks and set life goals again. My family and friends tell me that they can see simply in the way that I walk and talk, that I am back to my self again.

It is kind of a paradox for me that 2020 was such a horrible year for our country but it is also the year that I returned to a sense of personal health. Thank you Jen (and Courtney too who is also wonderful!) I have learned so much from your care and expertise and I hope to maintain my good health for many years to come.

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