Frequently Asked Questions

There are some limitations in physical activity in the 5 weeks following and working your way back up in activity level between weeks 6 and 8. If you are normally inactive some movement is encouraged. This would be walking and periods of standing and sitting. If you are an extremely active person it is advised to decrease activity for a few weeks following the procedure.
No payment plan is available and payment will be due at the time services are rendered. We do accept CareCredit, and fees will apply.
Unfortunately at this time there is no insurance coverage for this service.
The procedure is different for everyone. We don’t see our patients experiencing much discomfort with the injection.
If you have areas of inflammation and pain, soft-tissue defects, tendon and ligament injuries, cartilage injuries, muscle injuries, fascial injuries, injured nerves, tendinosis, osteoarthritis or joint tendinitis you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy.
It is one injection for the rest of your life. In rare occasions a patient may need a “booster” injection later in life.
We can get you scheduled right away for the evaluation and X-rays.
The timeline for relief varies. Some patients experience relief immediately following the injection while others may experience a decrease in discomfort over the next 2-4 weeks. Peak regeneration of the cartilage or injured tissue occurs between 6-12 months.
We review this on a case-by-case basis.
The long-term outlook is case-specific and is dependent on the joint we are treating, as well as how extensive the damage to the tissue is.
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