Stem Cell Therapy & Functional Medicine in Atherton, CA

buildings at Holbrook-Palmer Park in Atherton, CA

Our team at Apex Medicine provides a wide range of services to the wonderful people of Atherton, Californa. Our services can help you lose weight, prevent the effects of aging and reduce chronic pain in your joints. Contact us today to find out if our services can help you.

What Our Services Provide For You

Our highly trained and qualified team works together to help you with what you need. Our progressive patient care approach focuses on finding the right treatment for you. Once we have worked with you, we will implement the treatments that best suit you to ensure improved overall health. Here is how we can help you.

  • Stem Cell Therapy – Our stem cell treatment requires no surgery or downtime and regenerates damaged joints to stop shoulder, hip and knee pain
  • Functional Medicine – We use cutting-edge diagnostic testing to get to the root of your ailments to find the best treatment possible
  • Weight loss – Our team at Apex figures out the right diet plan for you and implements it by providing products, diet planning and strategies to help you reach your weight loss goals
  • Anti-Aging – Our team helps prevent the effects of aging by implementing detoxifications and nutritional protocols to support your hormones

Our services can help cure chronic pains, assist in weight loss and can slow down the effects of aging. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We are Here For the People of Atherton

We are proud to be able to serve the wonderful city of Atherton and the surrounding communities. Atherton is a town in San Mateo County and is home to just over 7,000 people. The town was incorporated in 1923 and was named the wealthiest town with a population between 2,500 and 9,999 in America in 1990.

We are always happy to welcome newcomers to the area. We hope you get settled in as quickly as possible so you can enjoy all that the town has to offer. We recommend checking out Huddart Park for beautiful walking trails and picnic areas.

For further information, visit the Atherton city page or the Chamber of Commerce for information on local events and businesses.

We are Ready to Help You

Our team at Apex is here for the people of Atherton to ensure that your health comes first. We provide an array of services to keep you as healthy as possible.